Rajasthan: VHP pamphlets at 'spiritual fair' preach school children on 'Love Jihaad'

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A picture of Kareena Kapoor as alleged victim of Love Jihaad on the pamphlet
A picture of Kareena Kapoor as alleged victim of Love Jihaad on the pamphlet

New Delhi : 'How to protect Hindu girls from Love Jihad', 'how much Muslim men are paid to ensnare Hindu girls for marriage', 'how Muslims like Saif Ali Khan and Aamir Khan marry more than one Hindu girl to extend Love Jihad' - these are few of the topics addressed in pamphlets distributed at a spiritual fare in Jaipur. 

The event was organised by Hindu Spiritual and Service Foundation (HSSF) and was attended by two lakh school and college students. 

Vishwa Hindu Parsihad and Bhartiya Hindu Sena set up stalls at the spiritual fair and sold or distributed literature intended to caution Hindu girls and their families from 'Love Jihaad'.   

One of them, a manual being sold by VHP for Rs 5 each, advises the use of words like "terrorists", "antinationals", "pro-Pakistanis", "womanisers", and "smugglers" to describe Muslims to women in a Hindu household, a Times of India report said.

The second pamphlet by Bajrang Dal features a  morphed photograph of Bollywood actor Kareena Kapoor, with half her face covered by a niqab, and a bindi on her forehead, the report said. 

The pamphlet says Muslims have been using 'love jihad' to "convert Hindus for the last thousand years" and cites Bollywood actors Aamir Khan and Saif Ali Khan as "examples... as they have deserted their Hindu wives to entrap other Hindu women".

The fair organisers had tied up with 12,000 educational institutes, for footfall at the event. According to reports, Rajasthan’s education department asked students of government and private schools to visit the fair.

The fair organisers have reportedly denied the existence of any pamphlets related to Love Jihad at the event. 

Procured by media, the pamphlets preach that Muslim men gain entry into Hindu households, chat with girls in separate room, proclaim themselves as Hindus, tie red thread (kalava) on their hands, run around doing their chores, indulge in intimate talks with girls, an India TV report said. 

It further tells ways how Hindu families can identify if their girl is falling prey to Love Jihad. One of them is: “Check your daughter's mobile phone, who does she call, whose numbers are saved in the mobile, what and who do they text, checking all this will give you a lot of information”, the report said. 

According to the pamphlet, “Muslims ensnare (Hindu) women. Either they sell them or kill them”. It even lists out the “rates” Muslims get for “converting women”. 

The Bharatiya Hindu Sena pamphlets encourage people to commit to make India “an entirely Hindu nation” and to “construct a magnificent temple of Lord Ram in Ayodhya”.