Twitter suspends Pakistan Defence account for tweeting morphed picture of Indian girl

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New Delhi : The verified Twitter handle, managed by civilians, is dedicated to the country's military affairs, however, has no links to Pakistan's defence ministry. 

On Saturday morning, the handle @defencepk posted an image of a young woman standing in front of Delhi's Jama Masjid with a placard reading: "I am an Indian but I hate India, because India is a colonial entity that has occupied nations such as Nagas, Kashmiris, Manipuris, Hyderabad, Junagarh, Sikkim, Mizoram, Goa."

However, the Indian netizens spotted that the image was doctored and started complaining Twitter in masses. The Tweet was soon deleted. But the due to a sheer number of complaints Twitter suspended the account of Pakistan Defence. 

The original photo was shared by Delhi University student Kawalpreet Kaur and the placard read: "I am a citizen of India and I stand with secular values of our constitution."