Talent belongs to India, product to others: PM Modi on Google at Niti Ayog meeting

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Image: Unsplash
Image: Unsplash

New Delhi : Speaking at the sixth meeting of the Government Council at Niti Ayog, Prime Minister Narendra Modi emphasized on the need of growing Medium, Small and Micro Enterprises in the nation.

“We recently liberalised geospatial data. If we could have done this 10 years back, it is likely that Google would have been made in India, not outside. The talent is Indian but the product is not,” he noted.

PM Modi also stressed on how states must reduce the compliance pressure from common man to make it easier for them to do businesses. This will give boost to startups as well.

He stressed on the importance of better coordination between the Centre and the States for the country’s development.

“For the common man, there are thousands of compliances which can be removed. Now, that we have technology, we don’t need to ask people for the same things again and again. I would request States to reduce the compliance burden on the common man. This is important for ease of living. The Centre is also working on that,” said Mr. Modi, who is also the Chairman of NITI Aayog.

“We need work on ease of doing business to tap global opportunities, and on ease of living for the citizens of the country,” he added.