Third wave likely to come late in India, Delta plus variant transmissibility seems low

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Third Wave of Coronavirus (Image by Pixabay)
Third Wave of Coronavirus (Image by Pixabay)

New Delhi : The third wave in India is likely to arrive late, suggests a new study by the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR), according to Dr NK Arora, chairman, Covid working group.

“ICMR has come up with a study which says third wave is likely to come late. We have a window period of 6-8 months to immunise everybody in country. In coming days, our target is to administer one crore doses every day,” Dr Arora said.

Talking about the possibilities of new coronavirus outbreaks, he mentioned that it highly depends on the new variants, like Delta Plus has been found in a couple of states.

Talking about the Delta Plus variant, he said that till date 52 cases of the variant have been found in India, including one in Faridabad.

“One more thing that is very clear about the Delta Plus variant is that it is very strong and it clings to the lungs. But it does not mean that transmission potential is very high,” he said.

The first case of Delta variant was registered in April this year and there is very less data available to check its transmissibility.