Third wave of coronavirus to hit India in three to six weeks. Are we ready?

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India Stay Home (Image by pexels)
India Stay Home (Image by pexels)

New Delhi : AIIMS Director Randeep Guleria has issued a warning that India will be seeing the third wave of coronavirus in next three to six weeks. Even though we have not fully recovered from the second wave of coronavirus, the upcoming wave has started to haunt us; but how ready we actually are to face it remains the big question.

As soon as the relaxations were announced from the lockdown after cases decreased in several parts of the nation, people were again seen violating covid protocols which raises the concern of no lesson learnt by the people during the second wave, when thousands of people lost their lives due to unavailability of medical facilities.

"If Covid-appropriate behaviour is not followed, the third wave can happen in six to eight weeks. We need to work aggressively to prevent another large wave till vaccination kicks in," PTI quoted the AIIMS director as saying.

He also mentioned that lockdowns may have been effective in bringing the number of new cases down, but it cannot be treated as a solution as there are adverse effect on the economy due to this. On preventive measures, he suggested an aggressive surveillance strategy in Covid hotspots and lockdowns in case of any significant surge.

There have been several assumptions that the third wave of coronavirus will majorly impact the children, the senior doctor clarified that there are significant evidences yet to conclude the assumptions.

Earlier, India's epidemiologists indicated that the third wave of Covid-19 is inevitable and is likely to start from September-October.

India on Saturday reported around 60,753 new cases over the last 24 hours. India's total tally now stands at 29,823,546, while the number of active cases has come down to 7,60,019, the lowest in 74 days.

Are We Ready?

They say third wave is inevitable and lets assume it is of same magnitude like the second wave then there are no significant developments done in terms of increasing the medical facilities. Yes, there are improvements but the implementation of them will be in accordance to the demand and such things end up with chaos and panic.

No Lesson Learnt!

Even after so much panic and deaths during the second wave of coronavirus, people have literally learned nothing as they were seen queueing up outside malls and public places in masses and most people forgetting the basic coronavirus guidelines. 

There were reports of traffic jams from Himachal Pradesh soon after it opened tourism for people. So in such scenario, third wave is definitely inevitable and only people can be blamed for their careless attitude.

PM Narendra Modi warning!

In one of his recent addresses, PM Narendra Modi has issued a clear warning that coronavirus cases may have started to decline, but the virus is still amongst us and it may mutate further to become ghastly.

He has urged people to stay at homes and move out only during an emergency while following coronavirus protocols like wearing mask, social distancing and hand sanitization.