What can we do to protect India from third wave of coronavirus? Tips and Measures

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Third Wave of Coronavirus (Image by Pexels)
Third Wave of Coronavirus (Image by Pexels)

New Delhi : India is still recovering from the second wave of coronavirus and there are reports which claim that third wave of coronavirus is all set to come in India in next three to six weeks. AIIMS Director Randeep Guleria has issued a clear warning to India and suggested that we must pull up our socks to stay prepared to face it.

As a citizen of India, what can we do to protect our nation from the third wave of coronavirus, whose magnitude is still not known, but assumed to be equal or more than the second wave. There are several assumptions that it will impact children the most, but since there are no significant proof for it, we will let the subject pass in this article. But, as a whole how it can be dodged is the prime focus.

Recently, we saw people from North India fleeing to Himachal Pradesh for a holiday after the coronavirus relaxations were announced. This is exactly we must not do. This is how we are putting our lives to risk as well as lives of the locals from the hilly region who are not well connected with the medical facilities in an adverse situation.

What is the urgent need of crowding hills at a time when a simple, silly mistake can cost life? Creating traffic jams and chaos is not done! We must avoid unnecessary travel.

If we specifically talk about our national capital then there are reports showing how people were flouting coronavirus protocols while in the public places like markets. People were seen in masses in the area despite the fact the Delhi had been the worst affected when it comes to medical facilities during the second wave of coronavirus.

What can be done to prevent third wave of coronavirus?

Since many things and new mutants are unpredictable, we can stick to our basics.

# Avoid going to public places unless or until it is urgent.

# Keep sanitizing your hands.

# Keep up the masks when public places cannot be avoided.

# Maintain social distance

# Go for a doctor consultation if any symptoms are developed. Early detection is the key in the treatment for coronavirus.

# Avoid travel for fun, just because you are bored.

# Listen to government announcements and protocols, follow them. The rules are made for our safety.