Three girls fighting on street video goes viral on social media

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Image: Screengrab from viral video
Image: Screengrab from viral video

New Delhi : These days weird and funny things go viral on social media. In one of the recent incidents, three girls were caught fighting with each other as they slammed kicks and punches. It is not known where the video is from, but the video is being shared widely with people trying to learn a reason behind the curious brawl.

In the video, three young girls can be seen engaged in brawl, aggressively charging at each other and kicking each other. After a couple of seconds, the third girl exits the scene and the two girls left behind, continue the fight as they continue kicking and punching each other in addition to pulling hair as well.

People keep looking at the fight from a distance. Watch the viral video below:

What do you think could be a reason behind their brawl?