Traders to teach Modi Government a lesson in Lok Sabha Elections: JP Agarwal

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Traders to teach Modi Government a lesson in Lok Sabha Elections: JP Agarwal
Traders to teach Modi Government a lesson in Lok Sabha Elections: JP Agarwal

New Delhi : Congress candidate from Chandni Chowk claimed the growth rate took a hit under BJP rule due to Demonetisation, GST and Sealing 

Former MP and Congress candidate from Chandni Chowk Lok Sabha seat, Jai Prakash Agarwal has intensified his campaigning and addressed a gathering in Wazirpur Industrial Area on Thursday where he castigated incumbent the MP Harsh Vardhan for not helping the traders. 

JP Agarwal said the business class had to go through a lot of trouble under Narendra Modi government. 

"The traders of Delhi went through a lot during Demonetisation, GST and sealing but not once the sitting MP from Chandni Chowk, who is also a cabinet minister, raised the voice of traders in the Parliament. Modi Government didn't help the traders during their tough times and now it is this business class and traders who are going to teach them a lesson."  

He said the traders faced three big challenges in Demonetisation, GST and sealing in the last five years, but the Modi government never paid heed to their worries and kept bringing laws that were anti-traders. 

Raising the issue of GST, which Congress president Rahul Gandhi termed as 'Gabbar Singh Tax', the four-time Congress MP slammed the Modi regime for threatening the traders with fear of jail. 

"The government created three different slabs for the GST and the traders/businessmen are being threatened to be sent to jail for making small errors. The sealing of hundreds of shops in entire Delhi has made the lives of thousands of traders miserable. Demonetisation had already hit the traders hard with the shortage of money. All this has lead to a recession. The industries are getting shut, shopkeepers are complaining of a dip in the sales. Workers are been laid off and getting unemployed due to all this and the government is a blind spectator." 

Mr Agarwal added when the issue of sealing surfaced in 2006, then every Congress MP came out in support of the traders and never abandoned their constituency. A few Congress MPs even went to jail. And when Congress was voted to power in power at the centre it enforced the anti-sealing law in 2007 and brought relief to lakhs of traders, businessmen and shop keepers in the national capital. 

"It is not easy to do business in India. A trader goes through a lot while setting up his business, he sometimes has to mortgage his property to get the money, take loans from the bank. When the business gets affected, a trader plunges into debt and might even lose his property to clear the debts. Similarly, sealing too hits a trader badly for his shop is his only source of income. Both BJP at centre and AAP in the state have been involved in cat fights but they never really thought about the well being of the business class. Congress party has always stood by the side of traders and if voted to power it will once again live up to its promise," Mr Agarwal said further. 

Mangal Singh, a worker at a factory in Wazirpur Industrial Area, supported JP Agarwal and said Mr Agarwal deserves to win from Chandni Chowk seat for he will raise the voice of the people of his constituency. 

Former Congress MLA from Wazirpur, Shri Hari Shankar Gupta, highlighted the exemplary works done by Mr Agarwal for the traders and workers during his tenure as MP. 

Mr Agarwal stated that whosoever comes to power after Lok Sabha Elections shouldn't just look for running the government, in fact, they should also have empathy towards the people of this country.