Tragic ₹2000 note story: My new currency is as good as old

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Delhi : They say "where there is a will there's a way", following which I dared to stand in a long (mind it longggggg) que outside a bank to soothe greed of getting my hands on the brand new currency notes, specially the purple quoted and security rich  Rs. 2000 note.

It was first day when banks were giving money to people, it was just Rs. 4000 in exchange and Rs. 10000 via cheque. People were both happy and excited to fill up their pockets with the new currency, afterall it was about to give them back their purchasing power.

Someone whispered "PM Modi's step is pathbreaking". Trust me I wanted to break all paths that time and stand on number 1 position of the que. Anyways, excitement was not letting anyone get demoralised about the long que. And I had taken an off from office so time was also not an issue.

Bank opened its gate, expressions on people's face were priceless. Line started moving in. Well the process took some time to adapt as it was new, formalities were a bit extra but the banking staff tried their best to make it hassle-free.

It took me almost 2 and half hours to reach the counter and see angel like cashier who was about to hand me over my purchasing power in brand new currency notes.

And the moment came. I had new ₹2000 currency note + 20 note of ₹100. All excited, flashing my new note I moved out from the bank. The first thing I wanted is to put a selfie with it on FB, but I chose not to go for it. No reason for this decision, just I didn't do that.

Now, evening came and I wanted to spend some money so decided to go to a nearby food shop to treat my tastebuds with a great meal.

I placed an order and since it was a roadside shop with no debit machines, the owner mentioned that he will not accept old currency, and I agreed coz after all I had the new one.

After eating stuff of almost  Rs.250, I chose to gave him Rs. 2000 currency note (I believe in sharing happiness and new note must have excited him too).

Well, the response shocked and cracked all my fun when he refused to accept it. Not because he didn't wanted it but because he had no change to return to me.

After some talks, it all went in drain and I couldn't convince him to accept that money. I tried to use the currency on some other stores but the answer was same. And what I had to settle with is disappointment and thought that it is as good as my old currency.

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