UP tragedy 2.0: Another brutal gangrape in the state, victim dies

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UP tragedy 2.0: Another brutal gangrape in the state, victim dies
UP tragedy 2.0: Another brutal gangrape in the state, victim dies

Lucknow : The nation was already outraged over the fact that Hathras gangrape victim could not survive the brutal torture done by four men who raped her and the way UP Police cremated her body in the absence of the family members; adding more to it is the new gangrape case of a 22-year-old woman who was similarly tortured and later succumbed to her injuries.

Nearly 500 kms from Hathras, in Balrampur, another woman was brutally raped when the country's focus was on cops' action in Delhi of cremating the Hathras gangrape victim.

Balrampur gangrape victim died on her way to the hospital; two accused persons have been arrested in the matter, said the police. Meanwhile, the cops have claimed that the post-mortem report has not confirmed injuries to the woman.

The woman's mother said she was abducted in the morning while on way to secure a college admission. When she failed to return in time, the family launched a search for the woman. 

The family says she returned around 7 pm, and that the assailants had allegedly put her on an e-rickshaw and sent her home, sources said.

"The men had injected her with some substance due to which she lost consciousness. Then they raped her... They broke her legs, they broke her back. A rickshaw-wallah brought her home. They was thrown in front of our house. My child could barely stand or speak," the woman's mother said, weeping.

"Somehow, crying, my daughter said, 'Save me, I do not want to die'," the mother said.

She added that soon after her return, her daughter complained of a burning pain in her stomach.

"The doctor at the local hospital said her condition is serious and advised that she be taken to Lucknow. But she died when we were near Balrampur town," she added.

The cops later handed over her body to the relatives who cremated her on Wednesday.