'Slap Therapy' over 'possessed' woman patient lands Jaipur doctor in trouble

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Jaipur Doctor treating 'possessed' woman via slap therapy
Jaipur Doctor treating 'possessed' woman via slap therapy

Jaipur : An action has been initiated by the Rajasthan Government against Jaipur doctor who was found using 'slap therapy' on a woman patient. 

The government has put him under Awaiting Posting Order (APO) status after he was found curing a "possessed" woman by slapping her and burning incense sticks (agarbatti) in front of her.

According to a report by IANS, the woman was brought for the treatment on Wednesday. Dr Surendra Bahri, the identified doctor, after talking to the family who claimed that she was "possessed" and needed treatment, slapped her two-three times.

"He is a qualified doctor and what he was doing is not in any way part of medical sciences. He should have tried to treat her medically rather than adopting these techniques. We have put him under APO," a senior Medical & Heath Department official told IANS.