Video: Bear protects cub from Tiger attack in Maharashtra

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Video grab of bear attacking Tiger in Maharashtra zoo
Video grab of bear attacking Tiger in Maharashtra zoo

Mumbai : Deadly fights among wild creatures are not new, but every time when a new video surfaces in it is as interesting as the old one. 

A new video Tadoba National Park in Maharashtra showing a fierce battle between a bear and a tiger has gone viral over the internet.

In the video, Tiger first chases a sloth bear but after some moments the bear decides to fight with the striped predator.

At one time it looks like Tiger has won the battle as bear almost gives up on his grip. But then he fights back leaving both the animals with scores of scars.

The fight started as tiger attacked bear's cub who was apparently entering the Tiger's territory. It was a motherly instinct that made the usually defensive bear fight back allowing the cub to escape.

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