Video: PM Modi says Rahul Gandhi is learning, he replies mock me but answer questions

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PM Narendra Modi mocks Rahul Gandhi in Varanasi
PM Narendra Modi mocks Rahul Gandhi in Varanasi

New Delhi : Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Thursday satirized Congress vice president Rahul Gandhi's 'earthquake' comment and jibed that he is "learning how to make speeches".

"Congress has a youth leader; he is learning how to speak. In 2009, you couldn't even tell what is in this packet. Now we are finding out...Since the time he has learnt how to speak, I am the happiest," said PM Modi at a function in Varanasi.

"India must have faced if he had remained silent but now when he has spoken, there's no chance of an earthquake," PM Modi laughed off without taking Mr Gandhi's name.


It did not take long for Rahul Gandhi to react on the statements issued by Prime Minister Rahul Gandhi. He shot back: "The PM didn't answer my questions but ridiculed me instead. Modiji, mock me all you want, but these are questions of the youth and the poor."

Rahul Gandhi chose PM Modi’s turf Gujarat to allege corruption charges on him.

"Sahara group paid off Narendra Modiji nine times in six months" starting 2013. He also said that computer records from a Birla Group official during raids in 2013 referred to bribes to "Gujarat CM".

Watch PM Narendra Modi’s reply to Rahul Gandhi below: