Leaked: Apple's new iphone 8 codenamed 'Ferrari' which will have a curved glass casing

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Apple iphone 8 leaked
Apple iphone 8 leaked

Los Angeles : Is Apple bringing out three models of the iPhone next year, with one codenamed 'Ferrari'? Rumours are circulating about the newest iPhone model, expected in Autumn next year.

The new leak comes from manufacturing documents reportedly from Apple's East Asian supply chain which shows that the high-tech Ferrari phone will boast an 'invisible' home button, wireless charging, and a bezel-less OLED display i.e. the screen might be curved.

According to Daily Mail, the Apple Insider who claimed the copy states that the leaked document lists three new handsets, labelled D20, D21 (which will reportedly release as the iPhone 7S and 7S Plus) and D22, codenamed 'Ferrari' which will be a special 'souped-up' model.

As per the Apple Insider, “The new phone is a completely redesigned high-end variant. The top tier model will be 'a high-end version [of the iPhone 7S Plus] stuffed with exotic technology.”

Some Key features expected:

  • Curved glass casing
  • Plastic OLED screen
  • Wireless charging
  • A folding element
  • Dual-lens 3D camera
  • New 5 inch (12.7 centimetre) and 5.8 inch (14.7 centimetre) models
  • Augmented reality to generate real-time views of surroundings