Wearing nailpolish during namaz "un-Islamic": Darul

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Wearing nailpolish during namaz "un-Islamic": Darul
Wearing nailpolish during namaz "un-Islamic": Darul

New Delhi : Darul Uloom Deoband has advised Muslim women not to wear nailpaints or keep long finger nails while offering prayers as both the practices are considered to be "un-Islamic".

Firing yet another fatwa, the muslim body claimed that the namaz offered remains incomplete if a woman is wearing nail polish.

"Nail polish can be applied, but with conditions. No unholy ingredient should be present in the polish, and women must remove it before offering namaz, or else it will be incomplete," read the advisory.

The fatwa comes in the light of questions posted by a Muzaffarnagar man who sought a direction on wearing nail polish by Muslim women.

In addition to the reply, the fatwa also mentioned that having long nails is also considered as un-Islamic for both the men and women.