Yoga guru Ramdev posts 25 questions on IMA

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Yoga guru Ramdev (Image: Screengrab from a video tweeted by @yogrishiramdev)
Yoga guru Ramdev (Image: Screengrab from a video tweeted by @yogrishiramdev)

New Delhi : Yoga guru Ramdev on May 25 wrote an open letter to the Indian Medical Association (IMA) asking questions over permanent allopathic cure to several ailments like hypertension, blood sugar and more.

In a letter shared on the social media, Baba Ramdev has posed 25 questions to IMA, which had objected to his video clip running down allopathy treatment for COVID-19. This comes a day after he had to withdrew his statement on questioning the efficacy of allopathic treatment.

"Does the pharma industry have permanent treatment for thyroid, arthritis, colitis and asthma?" he asked.

Ramdev went on to ask if allopathy had medicines for fatty liver and liver cirrhosis. "Like you found a cure for TB and chicken pox, look for treatments for liver ailments. After All, allopathy is now 200 years old."

"Does the pharma industry have treatment for migraine?", or treatment for constipation and bloating amnesia without any side effects, he said.

He also claimed that the doctors must not fall ill at all if allopathy is all powerful and 'sarvagun sampanna' (having all good qualities).

On Sunday, Baba Ramdev was forced to withdraw his statement made in a viral video in which he remarked that many people have lost their lives to coronavirus due to allopathic treatment.

The remarks were met with vociferous protests from the doctors' association, following which Union Health Minister Harsh Vardhan asked him to withdraw the 'extremely unfortunate' statement.

"Hon'ble Minister, I have received your letter. I withdraw my statement, putting to rest the controversy over various medical practices... (jee aapaka patr praapt hua, usake sandarbh mein chikitsa paddatiyon ke sangharsh ke is poore vivaad ko khedapoorvak viraam dete hue main apana vaktavy vaapis leta hoon)," he tweeted from his personal Twitter handle.