Exit polls predict hung assembly in Karnataka, most show BJP in lead

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Exit polls predict hung assembly in Karnataka, most show BJP in lead
Exit polls predict hung assembly in Karnataka, most show BJP in lead

New Delhi : Exit polls on Saturday after the Karnataka assembly election predicted a hung assembly in the state with six surveys showing BJP as the single largest party and the three showing Congress in the lead.

In the tightly-fought election, the poll of exit polls predicted that the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) may get 99 seats, the Congress 88 and the Janata Dal-Secular (JD-S) 33.

Surveys varied in their predictions for seats for the three parties but the figures clearly indicated that the JD-S could have a decisive role in government formation.

Only the average of seats predicted by two surveys showed any party reaching halfway mark - and one survey predicted this for the Congress, another predicted it for the BJP.

Exit polls were telecast after the end of polling in Karnataka. The results will be declared on May 15.

Polling was held on 222 of 224 seats with election on two seats having been countermanded.

The ABP C Voter predicted 107 seats for the BJP, 88 for the Congress, 25 for the JD-S and four for others, while India Today-Axis predicted the BJP getting 85, the Congress 112, the JD-S 26 and others one.

Times Now VMR predicted the BJP getting 86, the Congress 96, JD-S 35 and others 3 while Republic TV-Jan ki bat predicted 104 seat for the BJP, 77 for the Congress, 37 for the JD-S and two for others.

News X-CNX predicted 106 seats for the BJP, 75 for the Congress, 37 for the JD-S and four for others.

The India TV-VMR exit poll said the ruling Congress could get 97 seats, (in a range of 90 to 103 seats), the BJP 87 seats (in a range of 80-93 seats), and the JDS-BSP alliance could get a decisive role in government formation with 35 seats (in a 31-39 seat range). 'Others', that includes independents, could win only three seats, it said.

The predictions by various surveys:

India Today-Axis My India - BJP 79-92, Congress 106-118, JD-S 22-30, Others 0
Times Now-VMR - BJP 80-93, Congress 90-103, JD-S 31-39, Others 2-4
News X-CNX - BJP 102-110, Congress 72-78, JD-S 35-39, Others 3-5
Republic TV-Jan ki baat - BJP 95-114, Congress 73-82, JD-S 32-43, Others 2-3
ABP News-C Voter - BJP 101-113, Congress 82-94, JD-S 18-31, Others 1-8
Dighvijay News - BJP 103-107, Congress 76-80, JD-S 31-35, Others 4-8
NewsNation - BJP 105-109, Congress 71-75, JD-S 36-40, Ohters 3-5
India TV-C Voter - BJP 87, Congress 97, JD-S 35, Others 3

Today's Chanakya gave BJP 120 (plus minus 11 seats), Congress 73 (plus, minus 11 seats), JD-S 26 (plus, minus seven) and others 3 (plus, minus 3 seats)