In Ghazipur, Prime Minister Modi again asks India to support him in fight against corruption for 50 days

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Prime Minister Narendra Modi during Ghazipur rally
Prime Minister Narendra Modi during Ghazipur rally

New Delhi : In Ghazipur, Prime Minister Narendra Modi once again asked people to support him in his fight against corruption and black money to get a new India in next 50 days.

While seeking support, he once again alleged that opposition is trying to scuttle the fight against corruption. Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Monday vowed that no matter whatever happens to him but he will stick on the path of truth. He hailed his fight as 'Mahayagya'.

"This is 'mahayagya'; this is the festival of honesty. I seek your blessings. After Pandit Nehru passed away, many prime ministers came and went but that committee report is still lost in files. Today on Pandit ji's birthday, I pledge to reopen those files, which his party and family Prime Minister's never did. It's my tribute," he said.

Taking full advantage of the occasion, Prime Minister Narendra Modi invoked Jawaharlal Nehru’s name to invoke the potshot at Congress for raising objections in his attempt to clean black money from India.

"Pandit Nehru, your family and party abuse me, but I am here on November 14, your birthday, to complete work left undone from your time," Prime Minister Modi said.

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Highlights from his speech:

#I salute this land(Ghazipur) which gave birth to Vir Abdul Hamid, who taught Pakistan a lesson in 1965 war.

#Ghazipur's leader in 1952 raised the issue of region's poverty to Pandit Nehru, which led to set up of Patel committee: PM Modi

#Will fulfil promises made my eight PMs from UP before me: PM ModiPM Modi on Ghazipur’s development 

#Will work towards encouraging corruption free and prosperous vegetable trade from the region

#Scheme for crop insurance will help scores of farmers: PM ModiPM Modi on demonetisation 

#No draught of cash in India, but the problem is that it is in wrong hands: PM Modi 

#Sensitive to see common man's problem from demonetisation, trying to abate it as much as possible: PM Modi

#PM Modi demands support during tough decisions 

#I will complete incomplete work of Pandit Nehru, even as his family blames me: PM Modi

#Modi hits out at Congress, recalls 19month long Emergency 

#Enemy is flooding our nation with these counterfeit notes. We need to put an end to this: PM Modi

#Yes, those against me are strong people. But, I will not be scared of them. I will not leave the path of truth & integrity: PM Modi