Mamata Banerjee says BJP won't get even 17 seats in Uttar Pradesh

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Mamata Banerjee during a function (File Photo)
Mamata Banerjee during a function (File Photo)

New Delhi : West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee predicted the outcome of Lok Sabha Election 2019, saying that Bharatiya Janata Party will not be able to get more than 17 seats in the Uttar Pradesh.

Maximum MPs in the election, 80, come from Uttar Pradesh, so good performance in the state matters. This is one of the prime reasons why heavy weights of the parties choose seats in the Uttar Pradesh.

Speaking to NDTV, she said, “The Congress will get seven to eight seats, Mayawati and Akhilesh Yadav will do very well.”

In 2014, the BJP had won 70 seats in the state. (ALSO READ: Will keep sending gifts to PM Narendra Modi, but no gifts)

Talking about the Mahagathbandhan, Banerjee claimed parties were holding talks. As far as PM Modi’s label of ‘khichdi’ for the Opposition was concerned, Banerjee asked what was wrong with khichdi. “You can have rice, dal or potato curry also. It is put together in khichdi,” she reasoned.

She also cautioned the PM and said, “He must know that he is the PM and when he is talking, people are listening. Political speech is also about culture. I have been called a goon and whatnot. But I don’t talk like that.”