MCD Elections: Purvanchal Janta Party to field candidates for all 272 wards

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New Delhi : Purvanchal Janta Party (Secular) will be fielding its candidates for all 272 wards in upcoming MCD election in Delhi. This information has been given to the party’s national convener Mukesh kumar Singh. 

In a public rally, the party President Satish Chandra jha said that if party wins the election, politicians and bureaucrats Disproportionate assets will be declared as the national assets. 

For the same an organization named as National Asset Corporation of India will be formed and the Supreme Court of India will be monitoring it. At the Public rally PJPS conferred Prophet to Subhash Chandra Bose for freedom of movement.

The Purvanchal Janta Party (Secular) was founded on 04/01/2015 against the discrimination & injustice meted out to the Purvanchali Populace and other migrants in every sphere of life in the city state of Delhi and this party is committed sincerely to uplift them to lead a peaceful life with dignity where their children will have better future prospects.