Navy did not kill fisherman, but a 'matter of deep concern': Sri Lanka

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Sri Lanka denies killing of Indian fisherman
Sri Lanka denies killing of Indian fisherman

Colombo : Sri Lanka on Tuesday said its Navy did not kill an Indian fisherman but added the killing in the sea dividing the two countries was "a matter of deep concern".

A Foreign Ministry statement said Colombo was deeply concerned over the Monday night shooting that killed a fishermen and wounded another from Tamil Nadu.

"The safety of fishermen is of utmost importance and the government of Sri Lanka is firm in its commitment to ensuring that all government agencies treat all Indian fishermen in a humane manner at all times," it said.

"Initial investigations indicate that the Sri Lanka Navy is not involved in this alleged incident," the Ministry said in a statement. 

"Irrespective of the parties involved, if in fact a shooting has taken place, it is a matter of grave concern, and all possible action will be taken, in cooperation with Indian authorities, to investigate this incident, utilizing GPS technology as well," the statement said.