Rahul takes dig at PM Modi over advice to bureaucrats, Irani hits back

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New Delhi : The twitter war is on between PM Narendra Modi, Congress vice president Rahul Gandhi and Union minister Smriti Irani.

Congress leader Rahul Gandhi took a swipe at Prime Minister Narendra Modi over his advice to bureaucrats asking them not to use social media for self-promotion, saying he should lead them by example.

"Leading by example is clearly overrated," the Congress vice-president said on Twitter, after Modi told babus on Friday not to use social media for self-promotion or spend too much time online.

However, Smriti Irani hits out said clearly disregarding her leader's advice to also "not spend too much time online", responded to Rahul's tweet with her own one, which implied he didn't have a leg to stand on in criticizing the PM.

Modi had said on Friday that he does not lack the political will required to carry out reforms and rather has an "extra bit" even as he exhorted bureaucrats to break silos and work together as a team to perform and transform the country.



Addressing civil servants, Modi had said they do not need to be afraid of any consequences for taking fast decisions as he will stand behind the officers taking honest decisions in public interest.