Second jawan claims corruption in BSF, says officers sell liquor to civilians| See Video

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BSF jawan video
BSF jawan video

Los Angeles : Border Security Force has been recently criticised for the improper handling of its soldiers after a video about the poor condition of jawans was posted on social media.

On Saturday another BSF clerk posted a video on Facebook alleging that liquor meant for its personnel was being sold to outsiders. He also claimed that despite his complaint in this regard no action has been taken yet.

The video was posted by Navratan Choudhary who insisted that jawans are not treated properly in the force.

His Facebook post read: Our Constitution provides equal rights to all, but we (BSF jawans) are deprived from that as we cannot even ask for good food. If someone complains about this by mistake, he is treated as if he has committed a very big offence, as if we have asked for a fortune and not food. Everybody wants corruption to end, but nobody is coming forward to end this. Every time only a whistle blower is punished and all rules are applied against him only, but nothing happens to the corrupt. I am being punished for being an honest and true soldier of this country. Every time I complained about wrongdoings, I was transferred to a new place. But they cannot break my morale. Now they have crossed all the limits of dictatorship. I can tell you that you can openly do corruption in the BSF, but if you complain about this, you have committed a big crime. Liquor (meant for jawans) bought from jawans' saved money, is being sold to outsiders. I registered a complaint four months ago, but no action has been taken yet. So I had to come before the country (like this) to show this. I am uploading a video, where an outsider is seen carrying liquor bottles (from 150 battalion camp). I registered a complaint, but no action was taken. Let me see what action BSF takes after this (posting a video proof). I will provide more evidences.”

Choudhary, a resident of Bikaner in Rajasthan, who works at 150 battalion of Border Security Force at Gandhidham in Kutch district of Gujarat, uploaded the video on January 26, in which a civilian is seen carrying liquor bottles.