They are 'opportunists' who steal your money: PM Modi on UP grand alliance

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They are 'opportunists' who steal your money: PM Modi on UP grand alliance
They are 'opportunists' who steal your money: PM Modi on UP grand alliance

New Delhi : Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Saturday dismissed a grand alliance in Uttar Pradesh alleging that they are 'opportunists' who steal your money by playing caste card.

Addressing an election rally in Hardoi, he took a pot shot on Mayawati, saying that the BSP supremo has betrayed her ideology by allying with "those opposed" to Dalit ideologue and social reformer BR Ambedkar. BSP has gone in alliance with Akhilesh Yadav's Samajwadi Party.

"Some people who seek votes in the name of Babasaheb Ambedkar have never learnt anything from his life. Mayawati is seeking votes for those who oppose Babasaheb Ambedkar. This happens when your only goal is to get the chair. This happens when your politics is based on caste, and when you do not care about the country. This alliance of opportunists wants a helpless government because its mantra is jaat-paat japna, janta ka maal apna (Chant on about caste, loot the people's money)," PM Modi said.

He also mentioned that even if the government is formed by the grand alliance then also they will not be able to fight terrorism and maintain law and order in the state; he weighed his words by mentioning that the two were unable to handle village goons during their power tenure.

The Prime Minister then went on to attack the previous UPA government, saying that the digital environment available to Indians today wasn't present at a time when the country was "remote controlled" by the Gandhi family. He also claimed that the number of mobile phone factories in the country have increased from two to 125 under his rule.

"Phones have become our strength these days. It has made the lives of farmers, servants and labourers much easier. But five years ago, not everybody had a smartphone because it was expensive. Internet connectivity was poor and talking on the phone was expensive," he claimed.

Hardoi will vote in the Lok Sabha election on April 29.