Voter ID more powerful than an IED: PM Modi

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Voter ID more powerful than an IED: PM Modi
Voter ID more powerful than an IED: PM Modi

Ahmedabad : A voter ID is much more powerful than an IED (improvised explosive device) used to spread terrorism, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said after casting his vote in Ahmedabad's Gujarat, where he also held a mini road-show.

"The weapon of terrorism is IED, the strength of democracy is a voter ID. I can say with certainty that the voter ID is much, much more powerful than an IED, so we should understand the strength of our voter IDs," he said on his "IED vs voter ID" theme that appeared to be a reminder of his government's national security plank.

Before casting his vote for the Lok Sabha Election 2019, PM Narendra Modi arrived to the polling booth in an open jeep instead of a bulletproof car. The jeep moved slowly through the crowd as he waved in a road-show style.

Surrounded by his bodyguards, PM Modi folded his hands and spent several moments waving at the people.

After casting his vote, the Prime Minister displayed his inked finger and walked on the streets along with Amit Shah, who is the party candidate from Gandhinagar. He also addressed the media: "I feel proud to do my duty of voting in my home state Gujarat and participate in this massive festival of democracy. Just like one feels after taking a dip in the holy river during the Kumbh Mela, I feel the same after voting."

He added: "Voters are wise. They know what is right and what is not."

The Prime Minister also met his 97-year-old mother Heeraben, who lives in Gandhinagar, before driving to Ahmedabad, 25 km away. In a photo, he was seen touching his mother's feet.