PM Modi hopes for a positive Winter Session; Opposition set to pin down govt in Parliament

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PM Narendra Modi ahead of Winter Session
PM Narendra Modi ahead of Winter Session

New Delhi : On one side Opposition is trying every possible move to attack the Centre on recently announced demonetisation scheme and on the other Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed media saying he is hoping for a positive and peaceful Winter Session.

On Wednesday morning, PM Modi told reporters, “A very positive discussion will happen and on all issues with contribution of all parties.”

He also mentioned how his government had successfully managed to get a positive vote for GST Bill. 

"In last session an important bill like GST was passed, it was a big step. I had thanked all parties then," said PM Narendra Modi. 

While opposition is all set to post thousand questions on the Centre and its policies, PM Modi has claimed that his government is ready for discussions on all topics.

Winter Session begins in Parliament from Wednesday and is likely to be stormy.