Dahi handi, food, Vrindavan visit: TV actors' fond Janmashtami memories

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Mumbai : From Lord Krishna's cradle to baby Krishna's clothes, shops are lined up with all things festive as it's time for Janmashtami, the annual Hindu festival marking the birth of Lord Krishna. So, special Janmashtami thali and dahi handis are on minds of actors like Saumya Tandon and Abhishek Bajaj.

"This is the only day that we observe fast which later turns into feast with my mom's special Janmashtami thali. This thali and all the dishes that are part of it, are absolutely delightful. During childhood, all my friends and neighbours used to come home to enjoy this thali," Saumya, who plays Gori mem in "Bhabi Ji Ghar Par Hain", said in a statement.

"Some of the dishes that mom used to make were kotu ke aate ki puri, kele ke sabzi, makhane ki kheer, sabudane ki tikki and khus khus ka halwa. This year, I will miss all the delicious food as my mom is in London.

"As far as the dahi handi celebrations, I am not really the kind of person to enjoy it. Looking at kids climb up so high, I feel scared for them. I just feel that anything that is unsafe or a threat to someone's life, shouldn't be encouraged."

Abhishek of "Bitti Business Wali" fame, on the other hand, said what makes this festival even more special is the group of govindas forming human pyramids to take on the challenge of breaking dahi handis.

"Perfect Pati" actor Ayush Anand said his mother is an ardent devotee of Lord Krishna. "She begins with the rituals at midnight by offering sweets to Lord Krishna. This is followed by puja and lovely delicacies that I love to gorge on. When I used to stay in Delhi, we used to travel to Vrindavan to celebrate the festival with my aunt and uncle."