Film on child trafficking gets 'A' certificate

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New Delhi : National Award 'Natya Bhushan' winning filmmaker Sachin Gupta's film "Pakhi" on child trafficking has been granted 'A' certificate by the Revising Committee of Central Board of Film Certification (CBFC).

The reason given for 'A' certificate is that the theme of the film is "very dense and serious". It is suitable only for mature audience.

"It will release on September 21," Gupta told IANS.

But he isn't too excited.

A letter by the Revising Committee reads that the film is not suitable for unrestricted public exhibition but may be suitable for public exhibition restricted to adults provided he carries out excisions/modifications in the film.

The filmmaker has been asked to delete the entire item song "Khabrein garam", delete the word 'Kaali' from the dialogue 'Kaali pooja' wherever it appears, the word 'Mantriji' to be replaced with 'Netaji' wherever it appears and reference of 'Dava/injection' for hormone to be deleted/muted.

Gupta said: "If they feel that item songs should not be part of Indian cinema then they need to delete item songs from each and every film from now onwards.

"I spent lakhs of rupees in making that song and the song is clean. I am ready to cooperate with the censor board but then rules should be for everyone and they should not target independent filmmakers."

"Pakhi" was supposed to release on August 10 but it was not granted a certificate by the CBFC due to its "crude" content.