IIT KGP introduces AI in law and management education

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Kharagpur : The Rajiv Gandhi School of Intellectual Property Rights (RGSOIPL) in IIT Kharagpur has developed a one-semester inter-disciplinary course titled "Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Law", that aims to provoke a rethink on the modes of societal governance and law by using the new era hybrid sociology, according to a statement on Tuesday.

"This course addresses the paradigm shifts that are occurring due to the intense involvement of AI as autonomous systems that can possibly invent, participate in inventions with humans, create new expressions like music, paintings, and raising sensitive questions on inventorship, authorship, ownership of patents, copyright, designs," said Dean, RGSOIPL's Padmavati Manchikanti.

As it is, RGSOIPL is the only law school in the country that has a technology focus. By weaving AI into its curriculum, RGSOIPL has pioneered another change in legal education, the statement said.

Prabuddha Ganguli, Visiting Professor at RGSOIPL, Shreya Matilal of RGSOIPL and Partha Pratim Chakrabarti, Director IIT Kharagpur, have been instrumental in initiating and formulating the novel course.

"IIT Kharagpur is the only IIT or premier Institute in India which can offer such front-line courses due to its in-depth multi-disciplinary strength," said Chakrabarti.

Around 56 students of the Vinod Gupta School of Management have registered for the course, the statement said.

The Centre of Excellence on AI of IIT Kharagpur is also launching a six-month Certificate Course on Machine Learning and AI.

The course will include lectures on foundational concepts, methods and tools, and areas such as Information retrieval and web search, text and language processing, image and video analytics. It also includes a Capstone Project that involves work on cutting-edge AI projects sourced from deep technology companies.