India is now 'lynchistan', says Brinda

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Agartala : India has turned into a "lynchistan" as 125 incidents of mob lynching have taken place in four years, CPI-M leader Brinda Karat said on Tuesday.

"India has virtually turned into a 'lynchistan'. Over 125 incidents of mob lynching have taken place in different parts of the country in the four years of Modi government. That's why the Supreme Court was forced to ask the government to enact a law to strongly deal with the killings," Karat told the media.

She said: " BJP ( Bharatiya Janata Party) leaders distinguished good lynchers and bad lynchers. Cases of mob lynching in the name of cow slaughter, beef eating and minorities according to the BJP leaders was good lynching and others were bad lynching."

Karat, which came here on Monday to attend a protest organised by the Tripura unit of the All India Democratic Women's Association, said at least four people were killed in Tripura by mobs following provocative statements by a Tripura Minister.

"The central government is protecting rapists. According to the government data, India is now the least secure country for women," she added.