US sanctions 4 individuals, 5 entities for alleged support for Syria

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Washington : The US State Department has imposed financial sanctions on four individuals and five entities, accusing them of having facilitated weapons or fuel transfers, or provided other financial or material support, to the Bashar al-Assad government in Syria.

According to a statement released on Thursday by the State Department, the sanctioned individuals were Syrian and Lebanese nationals, and the targeted entities included companies based in Syria, Lebanon and the United Arab Emirates, Xinhua reported. "Today's action shows that the US will continue to take concrete and forceful action to cut off material support to the Assad regime and its supporters. The US will continue to use all available mechanisms to isolate the Assad regime," read the statement. In a separate statement, the US Department of the Treasury said the targeted were involved in transactions with the Assad government and with the IS, noting the fact that the Idlib province has been encircled by the government forces. All of the sanctioned individuals' and entities' assets within the US jurisdiction would be blocked, and US individuals and entities would be generally prohibited from engaging in transactions with them. Since earlier this year, the Syrian rebels were driven out of key areas in the capital Damascus, the central province of Homs and the southern region. The government's army has been amassing forces and military gear around Idlib in recent weeks, as a major battle against the rebels in Syria looms.