5 fashion trends that will define style on 2019

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Representational Image

New Delhi : As we are all set to shine in the New Year 2019, it would be great to recall those style trends of 2018 which will continue to dominate the fashion industry in the coming year too. Most of us are fashion enthusiasts and we can't say goodbye to the biggest style trends of the year 2018. Be it a top sneaker or biker short, they will occupy a space in our everyday wear wardrobe. So, before revamp our fashion diary of 2019, let's check the dresses which are always in.

Top sneakers

Sneakers are a shoe trend that ultimately represents practicality. They make a big fashion statement without sacrificing any comfort. And the top sneaker trend will continue in 2019.

Black biker shorts

In an annual shopping report of eBay, it is revealed that nearly 110,000 cycling and biker shorts were sold on the site in 2018 alone. The trend was more popular and will continue to grab attention in the coming year too.

Waist bags

Also known as 'Fanny packs' it defines practicality, ability and fashion as well. They look undoubtedly stylish and are super affordable available in different fabrics.

Tiny sunglasses

Tiny sunglasses booked the market of 2018.  These frames were sometimes too small to actually shield your eyes from the sun but at the same time, they were cool to look at. From Prada to Zara, popular companies offered tiny frames in a variety of colours. And, this frame will continue to attract sunglass lovers.

Kitten heels

The shoe trend of 2018 was all about kitten heels, These low heels, typically under 2 inches, are also so much more manageable to walk in than sky-high heels, especially for long periods of time. Luckily, the kind of products will be available in huge designs and colors in 2019.