5 men grooming products under the range of Rs. 500

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5 men grooming products under the range of Rs. 500
5 men grooming products under the range of Rs. 500

New Delhi : Personal grooming doesn’t have to always be about vanity. This goes out to all the men out there who give the excuse that ‘I am comfortable with my body, I don’t need grooming’. Grooming isn’t about looking good but it is a reflection of how we think of ourselves. Personal grooming is all about presenting yourself in the best manner. Grooming products are now much affordable than before. Let’s check out some cool personal care products by Snapdeal, all for men this time.

Activated Charcoal Face Wash 

Regular bathing is essential in daily life, but men will ignore his face which leads to a dry skin. The simple way to protect the face is to wash it with charcoal activated soap, which will absorb stubborn dirt from your face and gives a clean fresh look.

The charcoal soap combo at Snapdeal comes with 10 soaps will assure a quarter usage.

Price range starts from – Rs. 299  

Anti-age serum

Skin loses its elasticity with the time and wrinkles become more evident on one’s face. To combat this, anti-ageing serums and creams are playing vital role. These anti-age serum helps in rejuvenating your skin with advanced anti-aging formula, which are not only for women even men can use it to rejuvenate their skin. 

Price range starts from – Rs. 299

Charcoal skin combo

The Charcoal skin combo available at Snapdeal with peel off mask, face wash and handmade soap gives a perfect finish to tough skin types of men. This combo helps to fight against bacteria and help skin to recover the vitality of youth.

Price range starts from – Rs. 428

After-Shave wipes

Every single men is aware of the irritation that happens post shaving, so the Aloe Vera wipes with price range INR 199 helps provide a cool feel and also removes irritation causing bacteria from the skin.

Hair serum

Hair serum are not just for girls but now men too are putting a lot of efforts to make their hair look shiny and healthy. Hair serum protects hair from damaging and makes them styled good.

Price range starts from – 249

These products are easily available on Snapdeal at an attractive price and discounts.