Feel the traditional vibe with the best punjabi suit designer,- Kiren Sandhu Designer

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Feel the traditional vibe with the best punjabi suit designer,- Kiren Sandhu Designer
Feel the traditional vibe with the best punjabi suit designer,- Kiren Sandhu Designer

New Delhi : Label Kiren Sandhu Designer is all about the traditional and desi punjabi vibe. Kiren Sandhu Designer , the best Punjabi suit designer, loves playing and experimenting with beautiful colors; along with it, she also has a flair for a contemporary touch in her Punjabi suits and bridal wear. According to KSD, a lot of factors and minds work together like an outfit you see on your favourite celebrity, attires that are trending with time, colours, different fabrics, and personal likes that go into making a beautiful outfit that is only customised to best complement you.

Every woman is special, and so is her preferred choice of clothing. A woman’s clothes enhance and magnify her beauty and uplift her confidence. This timeless vision has been an inspiring force ever since Kiren Sandhu, the best Punjabi suit designer, started exhibiting her spectacular skills with fabrics.

Kiren Sandhu, the best punjabi suit designer in Mohali, totally believes that her label, Kiren Sandhu , is the result of her constant hard work and perseverance.

When we talk about the Punjabi entertainment industry, specifically, a young and beautiful budding designer from Mohali, Kiren Sandhu Designer , is winning the hearts of people with her alluring yet traditional punjabi suits bridal wear and is definitely on the list of favourite punjabi industry designers, especially. The best punjabi suit designer in Mohali, Kiren Sandhu Designer’s clothing has been adorned and endorsed by very popular Punjabi singers and actors like Sara Gurpal, Himanshi Khurana, Nimrat Khaira, Oshin Brar, Kanika Mann, Anmol Gagan Maan, Ankita Sharma, and off lately, Jasmine Sandlas. In such a young age , Kiran Sandhu Designer , with her sheer dedication and love for designing, has made her internationally proclaimed for her traditional punjabi suits and bridal wear and has made her names among the list of best punjabi suit designers in Punjab ,Canada, and Australia .

Let’s unfold and discover the story of this young, successful, and best punjabi suit designer, Kiren Sandhu .

Young and passionate with a determined vision:

About four years ago, Kiren Sandhu was teaching as an assistant professor of computer engineering at the Rayat Bahra University in Kharar. Her family was full of educationists, and without saying so, a career in education was only expected of her . Fortunately, Kiren Sandhu Designer’s  friends and family were well aware of her love , dedication, and passion for fashion designing . Back in Hoshiarpur , where Kiren Sandhu Designer studied, she only ever wore traditional Punjabi suits. She always loved designing her Punjabi suit outfits . Kiren Sandhu Designer’s self designed outfits never went unnoticed . All her relatives and friends would request that she design their punjabi suit outfits for them as well.  This led to a boost in confidence, and KSD began drawing sketches, starting to improvise, and reaching out to tailors to get her designs stitched.

"Love for traditional vibes" is her label's usp :

The love for beautiful colours and traditional Punjabi suits became Kiren Sandhu's , the best Punjabi suit designer's) USP.

With her beautiful designs , KSD grabbed all the attention from her NRI clients, which made her internationally acclaimed and popular . Her contemporary touch with traditional suits won the appreciation of most of her clients. Initially, Kiren Sandhu, a designer with a determined vision, continued to deliver orders without having a permanent staff of workers.

Social Media Presence :

Boosted confidence and sheer love and appreciation for her punjabi suits, bridal wear clothing inspired her to launch her label, Kiren Sandhu, through social media.

Kiren Sandhu, who is now the best Punjabi suit designer in Canada , Australia, and Punjab, began her social media presence by posting pictures of her sketches and designs, which got her a lot of good responses. She has ample followings on her social media handles like Facebook and Instagram . Great appreciation for her designing skills led celebrities to start sharing their photos wearing her label on social media platforms , which helped her rise to fame .

Designer studio: - Label Kiren Sandhu :

Most of the struggling fashion designer students aspire to launch and start an accomplished label and studio of their own. Kiren Sandhu, the best Punjabi suit designer, was touched and overwhelmed by the response and love she got from the Punjabi film industry, especially,for her clothing designs. Today, KSD owns a beautiful space in Phase 3A in Mohali .

Extending internship and employment opportunities:

Kiren Sandhu , with her utmost passion for designing the best punjabi suits , bridal wear , decided to give direction and extend support to young, talented girls who dreamed of opening their own boutiques through internship programmes at her training centre.

Kiren Sandhu Designer , is the best punjabi suit designer in Punjab, Australia and Canada. 

For all those beautiful women out there who are looking for traditional , best punjabi suits , bridal wear with a touch of contemporary designing and your preferences , only customised to well complement you while being traditional, kindly contact , follow, and like Kiren Sandhu Designer.