How to buy right outfit online

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How to buy right outfit online
How to buy right outfit online

New Delhi : Online shopping has made things easier for many, yet a number of times online shoppers tend to get the wrong outfit or lose a track on how to go about it. For starters get your measurements right, take the help of another individual or go to your tailor, and review and edit our cart before placing the order to really know what you are ordering, suggest experts.

Srigopika Radhakrishnan and Aruna R Krishnan, co-founders of, and Shikha Shah, Founder and CEO at The Missy Co, have listed some important points:

* Size matters: Most often, online shoppers tend to overlook the size charts. An 'S' in one website may not be the same as an 'S' on another. It is highly recommended to go through the size charts and cross check measurements using the size chart before placing an order.

To get your measurements right, take the help of another individual or even better, go to your tailor. You would basically need measurements of your shoulders, bust, hip and waist. You can cross check these measurements against the size chart to place the order for the right product.

Shoe sizes can be tricky if you are shopping in UK and US sizes. The idea to get shoe sizes right is to measure your foot length in cms and find the corresponding size according to it. Check in with the customer care team before you order if you have questions.

* Colour chaos: When the product you ordered arrives in a totally different colour. It is a fact that the colour you see on your mobile or laptop screen is different from the real product. The first step in identifying the right colour is to know few basics about the fabrics.

Certain fabrics photograph better in light, thereby looking vibrant and different than what it originally looks like. For instance, blended fabrics in dark colours look duller in pictures and bright colours look brighter than they actually are.

Always be prepared to accept minor changes in the colour from the original product. But if you get something absolutely different, returns are always an option.

* Exchanges and returns: If you are buying an outfit for a special occasion, you surely want an exchange or return to happen at the earliest if there are issues. And if the website made a mistake, you want them to correct it without hassle.

The customer care is always there to help you find the right product and making sure you find your perfect wardrobe match online.

* Know what you want: Try making a list to make sure you get the essentials.

* Think of a budget: Having pre-set filters in your mind, like a budget, helps to narrow options and makes the buying process quicker. Instead of looking at a 100 products with multiple prices, look at 35 products that actually fit in our budget.

* Quick and effective: Invest in brands you trust when purchasing expensive products but we must try and experiment with new brands that are more affordable.

* Match sizes: Sizes vary depending on the brand. Keep a note of your basic sizes for bust, waist and hips. Always whip out a measuring tape and check it in case you don't remember. A lot of brands have their own size charts as well. Match your measurements to the brands size chart to get the best size and fit.