Holi Festival 2019: How to protect your skin from Holi Colors

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Holi Festival 2019: How to protect your skin from Holi Colors
Holi Festival 2019: How to protect your skin from Holi Colors

New Delhi : Holi 2019 falls on March 21 and enthusiast are all set to spread colorful hues in the aura. There is hardly anyone who can resist themselves from playing with vibrant hues. And, during the course of playing we always remember that the colors have chemicals and they are very harsh for the hair and skin. Besides the post holi skin care and hair care, it is necessary to be ready before we splash ourselves with colors.

Pre-Holi skin and hair care

Your face is the most affected part of the body. It tends to get dry and rough after being smeared with colours. In severe cases of damage to the skin, it might also feel irritable. Therefore,  apply a very thick layer of moisturiser and sunscreen before you step out to play. This will hinder the colour from seeping in deep and the SPF will protect you from damaging UV rays.

Dry hair and scalp can lead colours to penetrate deep into the roots and leave stains. Make sure that you have oiled both properly before the celebration starts. Drench yourself in coconut oil from head to toe. Alternatively, you can also apply a thick layer of heavy creams like a cold cream, body cream etc. Apply a bright nail colour and seal the polish with a coat for further protection

Post Holi skin and hair care

  • Make sure you scrub your face and body with an oil based body and face scrub. Use a good cleanser to cleanse your skin post Holi.
  • Use an oil-based face wash so that your skin doesn’t become dry.
  • Wash your hair thoroughly with a good shampoo and conditioner followed by a leave-in spray.
  • Go for a body polish and glycolic face peel to rejuvenate your skin and to clean the dead cells.
  • Go for a hair power-dose treatment, to retain its texture, moisture and quality.