London Fashion Week 2018 features adult dresses

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A picture from London Fashion Week 2018
A picture from London Fashion Week 2018

New Delhi : In a first London Fashion Week 2018 featured - Condom dresses and 'Trumpettos'. Designed by Fashion designer Edwin Mohney the dresses grabbed attention from all across the world.

A pair of rubber stilettos designed to look like American President Donald Trump's head made quite left the audience talking.

Condom dresses were also amongst the most talked about outfits from the London Fashion Week 2018. Some dresses were two-fold bubble skirts and a translucent hat.

The collection became an instant viral content on the social media as many shared pictures on the platform.

Not just these, but lilos, inflatable swimming pools, nipple-inspired hats, and bathtub dresses added to the overall bizarre factor of the show.

However, dress based on sexual thigs is not a first. Miley Cyrus had sported one during one of her shows in New York in 2013 and had managed to grab many headlines.