Why should you do oil waxing before Holi

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Representational Image
Representational Image

New Delhi : Holi hai bhai, holi hai; bura na mano Holi hai and it is time to get drenched into the colorful Holi water. The festival of colors calls for celebration by throwing vibrant hues on your friends and family members. And, everything goes well until you play with good quality gulals. But, most of us use colors which is filled with chemicals and later, we feel regret.  We generally get confused between organic colours and packet of chemical loaded colours. 

The stubborn colors usually irritate our skin. Well, this Holi season, you need not have to worry as we have a very helpful skin care tip for you. It's the oil waxing which you should do before Holi so as to prevent your skin from getting harmed from all the chemical colours. 

Yes, oil waxing is the perfect answer to all your skin problems after Holi. Unlike any other waxing option, it is something different. In this case, beautician will use Lavender, olive oil before the wax is applied to your skin to remove hair. This wax doesn't burn your skin like other wax options. Oil waxing makes your skin shine like never before. 

Benefits of getting oil waxing done before Holi

  • Oil wax is great for you if you want that extra shine on your skin. It makes your skin shine. You will not even need to oil or moisturise your skin after you get this waxing done as it keeps your skin moisturised and smooth. 
  • As compared to other waxing options, oil waxing hurt less. 
  • This waxing not only takes off all the unwanted hair but it also removes all the dead skin from your skin. 
  • Oil wax can also be used on your face. 
  • You don't have to get into oiling or moisturising your skin before playing Holi.

In India, Oil waxing costs just Rs 200 TO 300 more than your normal waxing. Anyways, money is not a big deal when it is about getting a beautiful skin. Just go for it!