Yes Madam: Breaking the taboo

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Yes Madam: Breaking the taboo
Yes Madam: Breaking the taboo

New Delhi : In India, when it comes to grooming, comes attached a taboo that it is something meant only for women. But, it is not restricted to any particular sex and breaking the taboo is a latest brand new application Yes Madam.

Mayank Arya, founder of Yes Madam, spoke to us about the services focused specially on men.

1) Yes Madam app recently started men salon services as well, do you think India is ready to break taboo around mens' grooming?

Mayank: Yes madam has taken this initiative to break the routine, and I don’t believe this is a taboo, grooming is important for both the sexes it is not only for women. Grooming yourself is a very essential which should be done by everyone irrespective of their gender. This the message Yes Madam app is trying to spread that "Men can too be pampered"! 

2) What has been the response till now for the men's salon services?        

Mayank: The response has been really well. This service has got a heart-warming response. Men really like to groom themselves and when they are able to do that sitting in their homes, it's cherry on the top. Yes Madam has constantly strived to change the dynamics of beauty industry and provide affordable and transparent services, to everyone.

3) Which is the biggest hindrance according to you in this industry? 

Mayank: The biggest hindrance is that people believe that calling a beautician at home would make their house a mess, but at Yes madam we make sure the clients home is as it is we clean the area then leave the premises. Utmost professionalism and hygiene is maintained by the beauticians attending the client.         

4) What's your future plan for Yes Madam app, specifically men's salon services?

Our future plans include many new services for our clients. Right know our area covers only NCR region but we are planning to expand it and make it a pan India operating app. 

Note: Yes Madam provides services at 6 Rupees per minute which makes it affordable and transparent.