A Grill Company: Live grill restaurant with added twists

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A Grill Company in Logix Mall, Noida
A Grill Company in Logix Mall, Noida

Noida : Love to grill your hunger often? Then, a brand new place – A Grill Company – located in the heart of Noida should be your next destination.

Based on the concept of serving food with a live grill facility, the restaurant is located on the second floor of Logix City Centre mall, sector 34, Noida with hard to ignore glass front and insanely attractive interiors, also its USP.

With a tint of retro interiors, what makes it different from its competitors is the massive space and a-la-carte facility, which is rare to find amongst grill concept food restaurants.

The thing that makes A Grill Company different is its offerings of Indian starters which are designed mainly for the desi souls. Taking a cue from roadside stalls, it offers snacks live making, which guarantee freshness and allows its customers to go in accordance with their taste buds.

The offerings do take you to a different taste as all the snacks have been brainstormed with an added twist. And when we say twist, it also reflects in the drinks too; our personal favorite stands the paan drink (picture below).

After mouth-watering snacks and drinks, it is natural that eyes roll towards the main course, which is also at its par in A Grill Company. No matter what you chose, the guarantee remains that disappointment will have no place and the overall experience will be a happy treat.

We spoke to Mr. Parvesh (owner of the restaurant) about his idea behind opening this restaurant and also his future plans for the same.

Mr. Parvesh said that he wanted to give foodies something new from the grill, which has become monotonous amongst the competitors. In terms of future perspective, he is working on establishing a chain of A Grill Company restaurants. The next will be opening soon in Ludhiana and then the wings will spread all across the nation.

Here are some more images which will not leave you with an option other than giving a visit to the restaurant.