A Makar Sankranti feast with these super tasty traditional foods: Join us

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Kolkata : This festive weekend calls for some traditional foods to taste. Where the sky in Gujarat will glitter with colorful kites, the land of Punjab will say play 'nagada'. While Tamil Nadu will pray for wealth and prosperity this year, Assam will swing with the tune of Bihu song. This year Makar Sankranti/Pongal falls on 15th January. However, in some part of India, the festival will be celebrated on 14th January. 

Astrologically, Makar Sankranti celebrates Sun's transition in Capricorn which marks the advent of longer days with ample sunshine for crops. Therefore, it is also called harvest festival. Now, the festive weekend is for foodie's across the globe. Here are some best traditional foods to make and enjoy in this Makar Sankranti, Lohri and Pongal 2019

Til Ladoo

The sumptuous Til ladoo is a must-eat in Sankranti. The ladoos are made with warm sesame seeds and jaggery. So much so that Maharashtrians often greet each other saying, 'til-gul ghyaa, aani goad-goad bolaa'.

Puran Poli

This Maharashtrian delicacy makes Makar Sankranti one of our most favourite festivals for foodies'. It is sweet flatbread stuffed with sweet and crumbly moong-based filling. 

Makara Chaula

Makara chaula is a delicious blend of fresh harvested rice, jaggery, milk, chhena, banana, and sugarcane. It is prepared in almost every Odia household during Sankranti.


Payesh is a thickened rice and milk pudding flavoured with aromatic spices. It can also be called a close cousin of kheer. Poush Sankranti payesh is extra special, because it is often sweetened with date palm jaggery or khejur gur, which is available only during winter months. 


Oodles of ghee, wheat flour, jaggery and almonds, pinni is one indulgent winter treat from Punjab, which is prepared widely during Lohri.


This is a traditional Bengali pancake recipe where the pancake is stuffed with Kheer or khowa. It is a favorite sweet dish of Bengalis