And Khichdi got cooked!

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And Khichdi got cooked!
And Khichdi got cooked!

New Delhi : Cooking Khichdi at World Food India 2017 was supposed to be a world record attempt by Sanjeev Kapoor, thanks to social media the dish became a victim of fake viral news and debates kicked off whether it should be made India's national dish.

Few more days of debate might have made it a national dish too, but thanks to Minister of Food Processing Harsimrat Kaur who came forward and cleared the air that government has no plans to make such announcement.

"Enough Khichdi cooked up on a fictitious 'National Dish'. It has only been put for a record entry in. World Food India will proudly showcase India’s culinary diversity…looks like today has been a slow news day :)," she tweeted.

The Viral Story of Khichdi

The moment report of Khichdi being promoted by Indian government at the World Food India 2017 surfaced in, someone leaked that there are talks to announce the dish as national food. The social warms started trolling the news, ending up making viral and hot debate topic. Following are some of the reactions from Twitter:

The list of trolls is never ending. With all such overexcitement we can only say - And Khichdi got cooked!

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