Beer Bread: Baking some boozy bread is the new quarantine food trend

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Beer Bread: Baking some boozy bread is the new quarantine food trend
Beer Bread: Baking some boozy bread is the new quarantine food trend

New Delhi : Most of us love some good old beer but quarantine has left us feeling bored having the same boring drink all the time. This is why people are finding new ways to enjoy their drink because it's not like we can go out and have a cocktail or two. Moreover, this coronavirus lockdown has brought about a lot of cooking trends that have kept us busy. We're all stuck at home and stressed out and a little hard work in the kitchen can keep us stress-free and at least this pandemic will leave us with some classic pandemic dishes. Now, one thing that aids in uplifting one's mood is baking. Imagine mixing baking with beer! Wouldn't that be an amazing combination? Boozy bread is slowly gaining popularity but during this lockdown, because people are making or rather baking their own bread to be safe, boozy bread has become more and more common.

The best part is that these boozy bread are also very easy to make and taste delicious as well. As per a report published in the Hindustan Times, bakers are claiming that baking is slowly becoming more common during the lockdown and a lot of people are trying their hand at it for the first time. Baker Vandita Vasudevan, a home baker who runs Vandy’s wicked whisk, in DLF 5, Gurugram says, “Beer as a rising agent has been used in baking since ancient times, and continues to be. Used well beer can help create great-looking, tasting and fluffy bakery dishes. Since lockdown, baking as a cooking process has been trending big time and lots of first-timers have tried baking at home. Amid this, Beer bread kinda sounds trendy and has also gotten a major boost.”

Baker Dipesh Dutt, who has been conducting online classes for home baking says that beer bread is quite a hit right now! “I get a lot of inquiries for the bread I post. Specifically, on beer bread, the curiosity has been more than others. It’s a new trend, and I even shared its recipe with my students. This one is super easy and you can’t charge for something so simple,” he says, sharing the process, “Take flour, beer, baking powder, and sugar. Then mix them all, put it in a pan, pour butter on top and bake it!”

Baker Divya Sreeji, the owner of De Cakery, South Point Mall, Golf Course Road, Gurugram, says, “Beer bread is a quick and easy way to make bread, especially when you don’t have yeast available. What’s interesting is that the taste can be altered by the type of beer you use while baking. As a bread, for me, it goes exceptionally well with a mutton roast. And I feel that Beer bread baking might have picked up during quarantine because of the non-availability of yeast.”