Best travel destinations for foodies: Here's the list

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The hot and spicy chola bhatura lures many foodies to Delhi’s culinary hub. (Image source: Wikimedia Commons)
The hot and spicy chola bhatura lures many foodies to Delhi’s culinary hub. (Image source: Wikimedia Commons)

New Delhi : Leave aside the awe-inspiring beauty of landscape, the adrenaline adventure sports, travel destinations are also known mouth-watering cuisines the place offers. If you are a foodie and look for places which can serve hot, spicy and tasty foods of choice, then we are here to present you list of Indian place with best local food options. 

Also, the research released under the name ‘Taste of Travel’ reveals that 49 per cent of Indian travellers are planning to take a dedicated food tourism trip in 2018.

While the sprawling food culture in the country attracts many tourists, the one-of-a-kind street food doesn’t fail to lure travellers and foodies alike. Made with a blend of exotic spices and ingredients, Indian street food is cherished not just by the countrymen, but also finds appreciation with the international palate.


Kolkata is best known for its spicy and savoury puchka. Also known as gol gappa or pani puri, this is the king of street food in the city. Along with the drool-worthy papri chat, dum aloo phuchkas and dahi phuchkas giving tangy mouthfuls of heaven, the churmur made with mashed potato, crushed papri and tamarind pulp is another foodies’ delight.


The visit here is incomplete without offering prayer in Golden Temple and without trying the langar. The ghee smeared Kara Prasad that the langar offers is worth eating.

Also, the famous Amritsari kulcha drenched butter and stuffed with cauliflower and potatos another must-eat delicacy.


The city of Gujju is famous for their nashtas and the spicy, tangy and delicate khakhra. Fafdas, namkeen, papad are additional food items you can savour anytime.


Mumbai’s the khau gali offers a plethora of options to tempt your taste buds. From the spicy vada pav, kheema pav to the chicken tikka masala, garlic naan, rabdi kulfi and phirni for dessert, one would have a solid time running out of tasty choices.

New Delhi

Here comes the taste of India’s capital city. From the congested lanes of Chandni Chowk to the market area of Sarojini Nagar, there is just too much for a street food lovers. The place offers the taste of hot and crisp chola bhaturas, aloo puri and a variety of paranthas the city has to offer. To soothe the peppery flavours of the meal, one can taste the plentiful desserts like daulat ki chaat, karachi halwa, phirni and more.