Colorado dog delivers groceries to neighbour stuck in home amid coronavirus

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Colorado dog delivers groceries to the humans stuck during coronavirus
Colorado dog delivers groceries to the humans stuck during coronavirus

Colorado : At a time when coronavirus has gripped the world and restricted humans inside their homes, the communities are coming together to provide all possible help. A Colorado dog was seen doing his part of help during the crisis time.

According to a report by CNN, a woman (Karen Eveleth) tried to help her neighbour (Renee Hellman) who has COPD and other medical conditions that make her a prime target for the virus. 

"Karen’s a great neighbour, she watches out for me," Renee quoted in the news report.

Karen went a step forward and trained her dog Sundance, also known as Sunny, to fetch Renee's grocery list every day and deliver it to them every night.

"He’s a hero for sure," Karen said.

She started it as a test with Sunny, but in a day it was clear that the dog is there to help and won't disappoint. 

"He just did it, it was, all of a sudden, and he was here, and that’s my job, and I’m gonna do it – so it was wonderful," Renee said.

"She could not believe it, she always runs to the window to see that ‘oh my God I can’t believe he did it again, and again, and again,’" Karen said.

Of course, there’s something in it for him too.

"He does get his treats, he’s motivated by those for sure. But he’s really special to me, and I’d be lost without him because he helps me so much, so I wanted him to help other people. That’s exactly what he did. Pretty proud," Karen explained.

A few weeks have passed and her dog is performing the duties with sheer dedication and responsibilities. It’s no surprise Sunny brings a little brightness to the world.

"We have to have something fun in our lives, and this is definitely fun," Renee said.

The story is a perfect example of how each and everyone must help those who need it.