Coronavirus scares restaurant industry

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Coronavirus scares restaurant industry
Coronavirus scares restaurant industry

New Delhi : As a precautionary measure to the Corona Virus Pandemic, more and more Indian's are now avoiding crowded areas like malls, cinemas and restaurants. Public places have been shut by the government till the situation gets better. 

Due to this the restaurant industry is currently facing a nightmare. There has been an exponential decline in the percentage of customers visiting the restaurant. "The time for action is here. This is not a joke. No one is immune to this, and we have an obligation to act in the best interests of all the people in this state. It’s better for everyone to stay indoors, fight this virus. This is the time where we all as a fraternity have to come forward and treat this situation in a way it deserves to be treated. We can’t endanger more and more people at our premises. People’s safety is above all these things.", says Mr. Dev Arora, founder of High Bae Kitchen at Dhaula Kuan Metro Station. 

Some of the hot selling brands of Restaurant industry are already facing slowdown in the past 4 weeks because of the outbreak situation. Mr. Rishi, Managing Director of Barish Moon and Brewery, Noida says that "the Restaurant Industry is going through 70% business loss but when it comes to the customers health and safety, nothing can be compromised." 

In a coversation with Mr. Aashish Arora, founder of Kutumb Restaurant at Rohini and Gurugram talks about how his restaurant's are facing loss. He further adds that shutting crowded places is the need of an hour so he agrees and supports the decision of government. "I am sure that as soon as the conditions get better, The Restaurant business will bounce back and the Restaurant's will be able to cover up losses gradually", says Mr. Utkarsh Chandra, founder and Managing Director of I Sacked Newton, Noida about the current Restaurant business situation.

All the Restaurant's have already taken precautions to prevent Covid'19 . Mr. Aman Kapoor of Gulab Sweets and Restaurant Noida says, "The corona virus has affected the Restaurant industry adversely and as the experts stress on the idea of social distancing, the restaurant's are seeing a major decline in partonage even after taking precautionary measures in and around the outlet but I believe as soon as the situation gets better, the business will bloom once again. "

During this turbulent situation, Restaurant needs support and Mr. Santosh Vishal, Vice President of Finch Restaurant, Greater Kailash, Delhi says that the restaurant can immediately tie up with applications like Swiggy to provide doorstep delivery of food to the customer as it would prevent completely breakdown of the business.

If we see the global scenario, Hospitality Industry as a whole is facing loss but Mr. Jagdish Kumar, Founder of Corpbite Brand stated that Indian Market is much more safe than other's as Indian food is cooked on approx 150°C temperature and tandoori items are cooked on 200°C which is quite safe. 

Mr. Gaurav Wadhwa, founder of Theos Restaurant puts light on the issue and says that, "I appreciate the steps taken by the government to combat the Corona Virus pandemic but the owners needs to be prepared for the economic crisis that we may face due to the lockdown."

While most of the hoteliers are facing immense losses, Vipin Kumar, founder of World Trail, expresses relief. “The restaurant industry is severely affected due to the Corona virus issue but we have been able to  mitigate the risk as we follow all the hygiene standards. Also people who are at home are enjoying the ‘stay at home’ period and order Pizzas for small get together which has helped reduce the fall in sales.”