Five beetroot drinks to make winter season tasty

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Five beetroot drinks to make winter season tasty
Five beetroot drinks to make winter season tasty

New Delhi : Winter is the season when you can get the best out of beetroot, easily available on the market shelves. It makes your food looks colourful and healthy. One of the most common place to see it is the salad plate; but keeping in consideration about the fact that not many people are a fan of its taste, here are some interesting ways to make it reach your stomach and then to your heart.

Beetroot is low in calories and fat, and high in fibre content, making it a great food for healthy diet, especially a weight loss diet. Not just this, it offers a world of other nutritive properties to boost our overall health.

If you cannot eat the fruit then here are the ways you can drink it.

Five beetroot drinks to make your winters more tasty

Beetroot Juice

If eating beetroot is not your thing then go and juice it. The colourful juice makes it look attractive and its sweet, refreshing taste will make your taste buds dance in happiness. Adding a pinch of black salt, black pepper for a salty kick, or some sugar for more sweetness, or a dash of lemon juice for some tanginess makes the drink more enjoyable.

Beetroot Milkshake

Milkshakes is one thing everyone loves so why not make one with the beetroot. Making it is also an easy process, boil the beetroot, make its puree in the blender and add milk to it. Add some sugar syrup, some cinnamon powder, and you'll get a delicious morning or bedtime drink to slurp on.

 Beetroot Smoothie

Smoothies are the newest rage in the world of nutrition. Boil beetroot and blend with other fruits of your choice. All kinds of berries like blueberries and cranberries go well with beetroot. Throw in some nuts like almonds, and seeds like pumpkin seeds and chia seeds, and make for yourself, a super healthy beetroot smoothie for breakfast.

Beetroot Lemonade

Make delicious pink lemonade by blending beetroot, apple, radish, or just beetroot. Add water and lime juice and enjoy the citrusy drink for some much-needed refreshment.

Beetroot Shots

Beetroot and berries are combined with some salt, pepper and vinegar to make these savoury shots.