French fries can increase premature death risk, claims study

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French fries can kill you, suggests a study
French fries can kill you, suggests a study

New Delhi : Do you know, one of the favourite snacks in this world French fries can actually double the risk of death and might also take your life.

Scientists have been studying the side effects related to French fries from a long time due to its cancer causing properties.

According to a study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, the worst fears have turned into a reality as the study observed deep fried potatoes can indeed kill you.

The study observed 4,400 participants between the ages of 49 and 79 for eight years, and 236 of those participants died!

Purpose of the Study

The study was conducted with a motive to know the reason whether potato consumption (boiled and fried potatoes) is associated with early deaths among North American subjects. The study also observed that eating unfried potatoes was not associated with increased mortality risk.

Scientific Explanation to the risk of deaths

Acrylamide, a chemical that is formed when some starchy foodstuffs like potatoes and bread are heated higher than 120 degree Celcius, has long been considered a carcinogen by health scientists. The chemical was first discovered in 2002, and it wasn’t found in foodstuffs that were boiled or were not heated. Interestingly, the level of acrylamide in the food keeps rising as you heat it.

What we learn from the study

Well, the conclusion it's better to ditch these risky foods as health is wealth.