Hartalika Teej 2018: Traditional sweets you can make at home

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New Delhi : Hinduism is marked with good number of festivals round the year. Hartalika Teej is a festival dedicated to Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati, their reunion when God accepted her as wife after her 108 re-births. On this day, married women observe fast and pray for a blissful married life. 

On Hartalika Teej, married ladies observe Nirjala Vrat in which they can neither eat nor drink throughout the day. Now, the day-long fast can be broken with special delicacies and sweets. To make the festival more delightful, we have come up with some traditional sweet treats that are popularly prepared at home on Hartalika Teej.

  • Ghewar

This Rajasthani sweet is a crispy treat that has a honey-comb like texture and has various toppings like malai, rabdi and mawa on it. It is all-time favorite for sweet lovers.

  • Rabdi

Rabdi is a delicious sweet, condensed-milk-based dessert that is made by boiling milk on low heat for a long time, until it becomes dense. The rich sweet is generally used as a topping for desserts like jalebi and malpua.

  • Malpua

It’s a traditional Indian pancake, flavoured with fennel and cardamom and dunked in sugar syrup. The soft and fluffy malpua is best eaten with rabdi.

Nariyal Laddoos

Delectable dessert nariyal or coconut laddoo has two main ingredients - desiccated coconut and sweetened condensed milk.

  • Kheer

This most common sweet dish is easy to prepare at home. You could prepare rice kheer or sabudana kheer, whichever suits your palate, during Hartalika Teej. To add more, sprinkle some nuts like almonds, cashew, pistachios and raisins as toppings.

  • Gujiya

Made with all-purpose flour, ghee, khoya and cardamoms, this sweet is dunked in sugar syrup. Besides making gujiya in Teej, it is also a part of sweet treat on the occassion of Holi.

  • Anjeer basundi

It is the flavor of the season. All you need to do is to heat milk and add sugar in it. Once the milk is boiled, add anjeer to it and mix well, until it thickens. Allow to cool and then refrigerate. You could add some nuts to add to the richness.

Have a sweet Hartalika Teej 2018!