How to open pineapple without using knife – watch viral video

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Screengrabs from Facebook video
Screengrabs from Facebook video

New Delhi : Eating pineapple can be a healthy option to add in your daily diet. It is known than 100 gms fruit daily can provide you with an abundant amount of Vitamin C. Meanwhile, the actual hassle remains with the fact that it is very hard to peel and cut with perfection.

While markets have enough options of getting canned fruit which is already chopped, but it comes with a high amount of sugar and sometimes preservatives in it.

Now, a viral video on social media shows how easy it is to eat pineapple with this little trick; and this does not even need a knife to cut or peel. You can do it with your bare hands.

The video has been shared by a Facebook user John Nonny and it received around 15 million views within a week of its upload on the social media network.

In the viral clip, Nonny can be seen taking directions from one of his friends, who tells him the trick to open pineapple with bare hands. In the beginning, Nonny does not believes it and also till the very end he kept on saying that this is some kind of prank; but the results were a surprise for him and also for the viewers of the video.

Check out the viral video below:

So what are you waiting for? It is time for you to get a pineapple and try the cool hack and eat the delicious fruit.